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Equality is the cornerstone of civilization

Equality is the cornerstone of civilization
Former British Prime Minister Blair and his wife went to a small town on vacation. Was although it is the prime minister and his wife the Dajia, but the town still persist one’s old ways, the sun of the sun, the chat chat, each people all live comfortablely and orderly.
Blair likes clubbing, town is only a bar, but the boss is scheduled to close on vacation. However, the boss is still very polite to leave a note in the bar. Welcome to Mr. Blair and his wife, and we are now in the holiday, we will be back after the holidays. I’m sorry!.
Blair is a “big man”, the small town of people can be equal to the big man, this is a civilization.
Equality is the cornerstone of civilization. The slave society is the person to person’s slavery, the feudal society is the person to person’s dependence, the modern society calls for the human and the human equality, this is a civilized process, reflects the social progress. So, if someone is in order to rank and rank, “. Is his nobility, put on the shelf “regard oneself head and shoulders above others. Is curry favour with this idea, reverent and respectful, and practice is actually a retrogression of social civilization.
Equality is a breeding behavior
In 1943, President Roosevelt secretly flew to Casablanca and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met, formulation of the Allied invasion of Germany’s plan. The 42 – hour flight is a serious challenge for Roosevelt, which is both his legs.
The pilot of the time, Otis Bull, said: he did not mention any special requirements. In fact, we had to move a few seats, to give him a bed, but he prefers to sit up and wake up all the way, because there are no other people on the plane can lie, he does not want to enjoy special treatment.
This little thing is very moving. In our opinion, say he is bear such a major responsibility for the president, alone he is a disability or age great people, you can feel at ease and enjoy lie down and rest of the special treatment. Such behavior on the part of the Roosevelt and his personal moral accomplishment, he felt and sharing is worthy of respect of the behavior, the psychological basis is deeply rooted among the people should be the consciousness of equality.