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Respect, magic

Respect, magic
One morning, a signed professor went into an office. At that time, let the people of her is not her academic status register profound respect, but one of her casual movements —
Already over seventy years, she quietly walked in, directed at people smile nodded, readily be put her elegant bag on the ground. A young researchers rushed to pick up her bag, ready to put it on the table, but she stopped.
The old professor understood the confusion and explained in a calm manner. The table is used for office, or a drink of tea, and my bag is brought out from the outside, the East is put on the west, it is inevitable that the disease is on the table is the people of no respect, can only be placed at the foot of the.
Listen to the old professor’s words, the presence of the younger generation is moved and ashamed. They in the heart asked myself, in the usual busy, their ever so carefully for others thought? So, the image of the old professor in the minds of people increasingly large.
Communication with people is what every person will encounter every day, learn to communicate is the children’s required course. There is no doubt that learning to respect is the golden key to friendly relations with others. Book around “respect. This theme, to explore how to cultivate children with nine kinds of good habits.
Why put “respect” in such an important position, because and other habits, many good habits are derived from the respect.
A reporter writing at home, his four year old son asked him to accompany. The reporter too tired child, it will be a magazine cover up, said to his son. First, you will be the top of the world map to fight the whole, dad will accompany you to play. After less than 5 minutes, his son again to drag his hand, said, “Dad, I have a good fight, accompany me to play!.
Reporter is very strange. How can you spell the world map so quickly?. Look, really good. He was very curious to ask his son, “how did you do that?”. The back of the world map is a person’s head. I in turn fight, as long as the people are good, the world map is complete.
The child’s puncture a fallacy with one remark being well, his world is good.
Kong Zi said. To repair the body, the first is the heart. A man is right about the way of life. His way is right.
In March 2005, the United Nations headquarters in New York officially launched. United Nations Education for sustainable development ten year plan (2005-2014). , it is clear that the education of sustainable development is basically about the value of education. And the core of value is respect.
Children and people with their potential values, regardless of their parents, teachers are aware of the child’s communication, the way of communication is always the value of their influence. Single from. Respect. This word, in the traditional culture, is respected in general is the authority figures or elders, and not everyone can get respect. But with the progress of the society, the concept of equality of all people is increasingly popular, the society gives each person the same development opportunity, people gradually realize that everyone should be respected, and therefore more and more attention to each person’s respect. Specifically, in order to “greet”. For example, if you. Identity. “Grade. The values as a guide, the face of authority, or an important person, people often is take the initiative to say hello, behave speech humble in the face of subordinates, and is considered to be of low status, may turn a blind eye, or to be waiting for someone else to greet.Instead, build on “respect. Communication based on this idea, is the equality between people based, abandon the old identity “speech and deportment. The concept of “grade”, which is expressed by the recognition of the dignity of the human dignity.
Everyone has the need to be respected, psychologists believe. Humanity’s deepest desire is to get the respect of others.
Legend has an old man in the local people revered as a saint, a high prestige. A young man was chasing victory, to be respected for the secret can not be. The old man asked him to help everyone in the village — whether it’s poor or rich, whether it’s a disease or health, whether it is stupid or intelligent, and asked him to give the same attention to everyone. After a year later, the old man told the young secret. You want people to respect you, then you have to respect others first.
If there is such a test question. Are you willing to respect others?. Believe that more than 90% of people will fill in the. But is willing to respect others, does not mean you have to respect other people’s habits, as parents are always telling a child want to have a good interpersonal relationship, to be polite to others, Zhang also expressly to “mutual respect”, but told, the provisions of the, does not mean that the child has the habit.
The old professor in front of the old professor why is such a respected and moved on because of her casual action reflects the respect for people’s habits. From this, respect for people’s behavior is everywhere, when respect for the formation of habits, as part of their own life, people also have the ability to respect others.
By the habit of respecting others and having respect for others, this needs to be cultivated. How to cultivate the habit of respecting others is the main content of this book.
Respect reflects the equality between people and the other party’s recognition and recognition, it is the premise of human communication, it will guide parents and children, teachers and students, as well as the interaction between the children and the surrounding people to develop in a healthy direction.
Every parent and teacher want their children or students to be friendly with others, but also know that respect for others is the most important prerequisite for communication. But remember that only for the child to be respected, he can learn to respect others.
Dear parents, teachers, we are faced with the angel of pure child! Learn to respect them, not because they are small and treat them at will. The child as an independent thinking of the people, to the child’s full rights and freedom. This child will be keenly aware of respect for others in the middle school.
When respect is the common habit of parents, teachers and children, we can establish a new type of relationship between parents and children, teachers and students.
When we each have the ability to respect people’s behavior, to respect the personality, people, manners and considerate people, the language of caring people, the relationship between human and natural is smooth, it is natural to achieve the harmonious and beautiful life we pursue.
When he becomes a child’s habit, he (she) must be able to become a popular person, must be able to have a high quality of life.