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Tips learn to communicate with people

Tips learn to communicate with people

Just received my colleagues send SMS: frustrated, understanding of life; errors, add first wake up to life, unfortunately, on the maturity level of awareness in the world; tribulation, connotation of success through it again. So be sure to learn skills to interact with people, not hurt people, not to get hurt.
And correct understanding of people and human nature.
Understanding and humanity can be simply summarized as-“by the very nature of people to share their”, “people put identity” rather than use their vision to see others, not to impose their will on others. People first is interested in her, not interested in you! In other words-one attention is better than focusing on your 10,000 times. Recognizing that “the first thing people care about is their own, not you” this, is the key to life.

Second, how to talk with others
When you talk to people, please select the topic they are most interested in. The topic they are most interested in is what? Are their own! From your words out of the dictionary–“me, myself and I”. In other words, one of the most powerful words in the human language to replace “you”. If you are interested in talk is not important, important is whether your audience is interested in talking. When you talk with people, talking about each other, and guide each other to talk about themselves. So you can become one of the most popular conversation partner.

Three, how to subtly make the other person feel important
Humanity is one of the most common characteristics–to be recognized, and need to be understood. Would you like to do like a duck in a relationship? So, please try to make others aware of their importance. Remember, you make people feel important, and how you will be rewarded more.
1. listen to them
2. commend and compliment them
3. as often as possible to use their names and pictures
4. before answering them, please pause
5. the use of these words-“you” and “your”
6. affirm those people waiting to see you
7. Expresses concern that everyone in the Group

Four, how to subtly align themselves with other people
Never forget that any fool can object to being, but only wise men and great men will agree-especially when they make a mistake! “Endorses the art” can be summarized into the following 6 points:
1. learn to approval and recognition
2. When you agree with someone else, please speak up
3. When you don’t agree, don’t tell them, unless
4. When you make a mistake, to have the courage to admit that
5. avoid arguing with others
6. dealing with conflicts

Endorses the roots of art โ€“
1. people like people who agree with them.
2. people don’t like those who oppose them.
3. people do not like to be against it.

Five, how to listen to others
Listen to more, you will become more intelligent, would be more popular, you will become a better conversation partners. Of course, being a good listener, is not an easy task, I have 5 suggestions here for reference:
1. watch the speaker
2. close to the speaker and sense of hearing
3. ask questions
4. do not interrupt the speaker topics
5. using the speaker said-“you” and “your”

VI how to subtly influence others
People as you wish to do the first step is to find out the reason why they did (that is what they want). And people say what they want to hear, they will be moved. You simply explain to them, just do what you ask them to do things, they can get what they want. “To know what people think,” is to ask, observe, listen more, together with their tireless efforts.

Seven, how to subtly persuade others
When you say you serve our own things, people usually suspicious of you and what you have said, this is an expression of the instinct of a man. A better way is: do not directly, but refer to another person, to let others speak for you, even those who are not there. Therefore, in order to speak through the mouth of a third party.

Eight, how to make other people make decisions
1. Why do people agree with you. Tell people that you say they would benefit from, rather than your own benefit.
2. can only be used “to” to answer the question. However, you should note that to properly ask “Yes” questions. In other words, when you ask such questions, nod, and “you” to begin your question.
3. the people in the two “good” one. The trick is to let the two of them in your “to” select a.
4. looks forward to people to say “good”, and let them know that you expect them to make sure the answer

Nine, how skillfully the mobilization of other people’s feelings
1. remember that any initial moment often dictates the tone of the entire communication process.
2. then, using the second fundamental laws of human behavior–people were fascinated by other people’s reactions with a strong sense of group
Therefore, in the beginning, your moment of eye contact, before you speak, before you break the ice and show your warm smile. People don’t realize, how much to pay, how many returns. Don’t forget, from now on, so put on a smile, just like professional models, and said to myself–“smile! โ€

Ten, how to give a compliment
Generous, to praise others! To find some commendable things and persons, and commended them.
1. be sincere
2. Commends the Act itself, rather than commended
Praise must be specific-targeted. Happiness formula โ€“ tribute to three different people everyday habits. You will feel, after so doing, how you are happy! When you do bring happiness, joy, and gratitude to others, you will be happy.

XI how to subtly criticize others
1. criticism must be made at alone
2. criticism must be slightly before giving praise or compliment
3. when the criticism, not for people, criticizing a particular behavior, but don’t criticize someone
4. provide answers
5. Requests for cooperation, instead of the command
6. a mistake, a criticism
7. in a friendly manner over criticism

12, how to thank others
Only in your gratitude and appreciation for others is not enough, this you should be grateful, and the feelings of appreciation expressed to the people you are grateful for.
1. be sincere
2. clear, natural expression
3. watching you appreciate each other
4. thank each other’s names
5. try thanks

13, how to make a good impression
If you want beautiful, make them beautiful. If you want people to appreciate you, admire you, respect you, you have to let people feel that you are worthy to receive this honor. For you and proud of it (but not conceited! ) As your own, your career, and to your work environment and proud not to that situation and inadequate and inferior. You are–to respect themselves, to be proud of yourself.
1. express our sincere
2. be enthusiastic
3. do not have too much impatience
4. not by demeaning others to elevate oneself
5. do not hit anyone or anything

14. how to speak
1. understand what you are saying
2. say say, stop
3. talking, watching the audience
4. talk about audience interest topic
5. do not attempt to lecture