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Don’t be a child mentally abandoned

As children grow up every year, talking to parents and children are gradually reduced, opposite attitudes about many things, to the difficulties of communication. Some parents do not understand why the day before his children, home stay in his room right now? asked him what, using only body language. Why so quiet? parents don’t understand.
In fact, don’t talk, because most of the time have nothing to say. If parents wants to understand himself of children, will active into children of inside world, and on children for watched he now of character, and interest, and hobby and ideal is what? why recently he of mood and behavior changes is big? he recently of learning situation how? have difficult? himself can in which aspects on he for help? he has which friends? master has these basic dialogue information Hou, again communication up on has has topic.
As children grow, children’s character, hobbies and view of the world has changed a lot, and some of the children from their parents ‘ understanding and knowledge are still at the stage of young children, which greatly limited and hindered the normal development of parent-child relationships, has been unable to meet the psychological needs of children.
So it is said that parents and kids were growing up, will not be abandoned children from the spiritual. Specific practices is, parents need to learn and understand the psychological development of young people’s common sense and psychological characteristics of children of different ages, master the skills of communicating with children regularly communicate with their children, maintain close emotional contact.