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Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship

Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship
This is something that happens at a school:
Dongmou home is very rich, always get some fresh stuff off in the class, but only to see not moving.
One day, usually like to play a few students to discuss a new ball, but at a time and get enough money. Dong said. Not just buy a new ball? I got it, but it is a condition that you have to play with me. Several students agreed, but every time he finished the ball, he took the ball back to his home or placed under his own seat. What about going out for a while?. Some students suggested, and he still lying on the table to write a job, even the head is not carried. No, I haven’t finished my homework yet. Some people say. Then give us a play. No, it’s the ball that I bought, and when I want to kick it. When I don’t play, you don’t want to play.
A few days later, the students also bought a ball pool. One day after class, the students went to the playground surrounded by a ball. The Dongmou holding his ball, alone in the classroom, watching the other students in the playground fierce scraping through the window. On the second day, he held the ball to the playground, wanted to play with the students, but the students did not see him, he can only one person holding the ball sitting on the playground.
Dongmou think their own money to buy the ball, can the lost friends regard oneself head and shoulders above others, money is lonely. Through this matter, we should know whether you money or no money, no matter you help others is to help people, personality is equal, who also have no authority superior. Equality to others to help build a harmonious interpersonal relationship.
Equality to treat people to gain respect
A child went to the mountains and shouted at the valley. Hey, hey. The sound just fell, from all directions. Hey, hey. Echo. The mountain agreed, the child is very surprised, and shouted. Who are you?. The mountains also answer. Who are you?. Children shout. Why don’t you tell me. Mountains also said. Why don’t you tell me.
The child became angry and shouted: “I hate you. He knows that the whole world is coming. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
The child was very unhappy, ran home to tell her mother. Mama said. Boy, you go back to the mountains and shout ‘I love you’. The child went to the mountains, according to his mother’s words to do, the results, he was surrounded in. I love thee, I love thee, I love thee. Echo in.
The child smiled.
The truth of this story is also reflected in our human relations in every life is equal, everyone is a dignified. Respect people, treat everyone equally, and you can get respect from others!