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Only the division is different, there is no distinction

Only the division is different, there is no distinction
Equality is the foundation of social harmony, harmony is the condition of psychological balance, and psychological balance is one of the three major bases of physical health.
The other two major cornerstone of sports and eating, the initiative to grasp the basic in their own hands. As long as the scientific movement, a reasonable diet will promote physical health. A balanced, mental health and social division of labor, economic income, interpersonal relationship, each person alone is difficult. In the absence of real equality before all the people, only through self mediation. To achieve relative psychological balance.
In a long historical period, the social division of labor will determine the level of social status, and the number of wealth will determine the value of human society. So, set up only the division is different, there is no distinction or distinction of the concept, it has important significance for promoting the psychological balance.
However, any kind of social division of labor, cannot make the best use. More can not make the vast majority of people realize the value of life. Each person’s living space and the objective conditions determine the direction of the road of life.
For example, a growth in the poor mountainous areas, may be also difficult to have the opportunity to get to play, and has a genius for acting people innumerable, but only a few overnight. Baoqiang Wang phenomenon is thousands of years to sth. seldom seen or hardly possible.
The objective existence is not to be transferred by human’s will. Opportunity decides destiny, can decide the success or failure. Not only the opportunity, can only be a disappointment. Which most people feel powerless”. Produce psychological imbalance..
For the problem of equality, social division of labor, comrade Mao Zedong said, “the only revolutionary work division is different, there is no distinction or distinction, our comrades regardless of position, are servants of the people”. In theory, the idea is correct, and should be one of the goals of human beings. Is also the foundation for the world to love.
However, the ideal is not a substitute for reality, mouth shouting is the servant of the people, the bones and the actions of people who There are plenty of people who master.
Comrade Mao Zedong said that, in the war, but also to do so. China revolution success of many factors, but the military uniform, at the time of the implementation of officers and men, between the army and the people, equality initiatives, is one of the important factors of the revolution to victory.
In the era of the planned economy, increase the equalitarianism pot rice, common in poor circumstances, most diseases from malnutrition, and psychological imbalance induced diseases rarely. This is mainly the different social division of labor, labor income is basically the same, all are respected, there is no distinction or distinction. Of course, productivity is backward, life is also apparent.
To enter the market economy era, people in industry, the various grades and ranks, white collar, blue collar, cuckold. The boss, work, beg. The owner, driver, servant. The division of social division into a hierarchy of scale. America its name day and international standards. Twenty years ago, China was the world’s most average income. Twenty years later, China has become the largest income gap. Ten thousand to sixty million, where is justice?
Economy decides politics, income decides status (social status and family status) fighting hero Xu Lianghan, “when what also don’t be a hero” the exclamation. Of course, this is a defect, but all labor should be respected. To really achieve this, there is still a long way to go.
For social division of labor, there is a great man said, not my most capable, is the history of the tide pushed me to this position. This will reflect only the different social division of labor, there is no distinction or distinction. But the man who knows the problem will be a few.
So, the whole society to advocate and set, only the division of different ideas no distinction or distinction. Is conducive to social harmony, the heart balance. Also for the sky, life than thin paper, a good man caught in difficult circumstances. That God is unfair, Born Under A Bad Sign people, be in a calm mood, health oriented.
We should realize that the celebrity rich is not equal to the noble character, wealth is not equal to health. Money does not mean life. Regardless of celebrities or people, life is more than 20000 days. Only health is the first. Health is wealth. Is a kind of capital.
In addition, I firmly believe that communism will be realized, this is not a high-profile, with the scientific development and social progress, the material wealth will become a burden to the human being, to the extent that you are not. Of course, ten thousand years too long, seize the day.
The above said a lot of words, is to identify the reasons of psychological imbalance and ways to overcome. So as to achieve the true relative psychological balance, as long as the psychological balance, can diwai loss Tsutsumiuchi up, as long as the health and longevity, there will be bread, everything will be there.