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Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship

Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship
This is something that happens at a school:
Dongmou home is very rich, always get some fresh stuff off in the class, but only to see not moving.
One day, usually like to play a few students to discuss a new ball, but at a time and get enough money. Dong said. Not just buy a new ball? I got it, but it is a condition that you have to play with me. Several students agreed, but every time he finished the ball, he took the ball back to his home or placed under his own seat. What about going out for a while?. Some students suggested, and he still lying on the table to write a job, even the head is not carried. No, I haven’t finished my homework yet. Some people say. Then give us a play. No, it’s the ball that I bought, and when I want to kick it. When I don’t play, you don’t want to play.
A few days later, the students also bought a ball pool. One day after class, the students went to the playground surrounded by a ball. The Dongmou holding his ball, alone in the classroom, watching the other students in the playground fierce scraping through the window. On the second day, he held the ball to the playground, wanted to play with the students, but the students did not see him, he can only one person holding the ball sitting on the playground.
Dongmou think their own money to buy the ball, can the lost friends regard oneself head and shoulders above others, money is lonely. Through this matter, we should know whether you money or no money, no matter you help others is to help people, personality is equal, who also have no authority superior. Equality to others to help build a harmonious interpersonal relationship.
Equality to treat people to gain respect
A child went to the mountains and shouted at the valley. Hey, hey. The sound just fell, from all directions. Hey, hey. Echo. The mountain agreed, the child is very surprised, and shouted. Who are you?. The mountains also answer. Who are you?. Children shout. Why don’t you tell me. Mountains also said. Why don’t you tell me.
The child became angry and shouted: “I hate you. He knows that the whole world is coming. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
The child was very unhappy, ran home to tell her mother. Mama said. Boy, you go back to the mountains and shout ‘I love you’. The child went to the mountains, according to his mother’s words to do, the results, he was surrounded in. I love thee, I love thee, I love thee. Echo in.
The child smiled.
The truth of this story is also reflected in our human relations in every life is equal, everyone is a dignified. Respect people, treat everyone equally, and you can get respect from others!

Equality is the cornerstone of civilization

Equality is the cornerstone of civilization
Former British Prime Minister Blair and his wife went to a small town on vacation. Was although it is the prime minister and his wife the Dajia, but the town still persist one’s old ways, the sun of the sun, the chat chat, each people all live comfortablely and orderly.
Blair likes clubbing, town is only a bar, but the boss is scheduled to close on vacation. However, the boss is still very polite to leave a note in the bar. Welcome to Mr. Blair and his wife, and we are now in the holiday, we will be back after the holidays. I’m sorry!.
Blair is a “big man”, the small town of people can be equal to the big man, this is a civilization.
Equality is the cornerstone of civilization. The slave society is the person to person’s slavery, the feudal society is the person to person’s dependence, the modern society calls for the human and the human equality, this is a civilized process, reflects the social progress. So, if someone is in order to rank and rank, “. Is his nobility, put on the shelf “regard oneself head and shoulders above others. Is curry favour with this idea, reverent and respectful, and practice is actually a retrogression of social civilization.
Equality is a breeding behavior
In 1943, President Roosevelt secretly flew to Casablanca and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met, formulation of the Allied invasion of Germany’s plan. The 42 – hour flight is a serious challenge for Roosevelt, which is both his legs.
The pilot of the time, Otis Bull, said: he did not mention any special requirements. In fact, we had to move a few seats, to give him a bed, but he prefers to sit up and wake up all the way, because there are no other people on the plane can lie, he does not want to enjoy special treatment.
This little thing is very moving. In our opinion, say he is bear such a major responsibility for the president, alone he is a disability or age great people, you can feel at ease and enjoy lie down and rest of the special treatment. Such behavior on the part of the Roosevelt and his personal moral accomplishment, he felt and sharing is worthy of respect of the behavior, the psychological basis is deeply rooted among the people should be the consciousness of equality.

Every life is equal

Every life is equal
The word “man”, a flick, a structure near the most simple words, but also one of the most sacred yu. Man, supreme. In the order of nature, all men are equal, regardless of wealth, race, sex, or physical, intellectual, and talent.
“9 – 11” incident has been in the past for many years, the memorial ceremony was held every year. Each year, there is a fixed program – the name of the victims.
Different is that reading has changed, in 2002 a anniversary ceremony is read out by the former mayor of New York and former U. S. president Mrs. Clinton, 2003 are victims of children recite the ditch, 2004 is the victims parents and grandparents reading, 2005 are victims of hand, foot and reading, 2006 flat is reading the relatives of the victims, 2007 is by reading the rescuers. In 2008 and 2009 is by the relatives of the victims of the victims of relatives and friends of the name one by one slowly read.
In these lists, not only include. 11 – 9. The victims of the death of the same day, but also the “9 – 11” after the death of the victims of the incident and the dead.
In every memorial ceremony, read all the victims list is a commemoration ceremony takes the longest time. What is the meaning of it? Why can not choose a few representative figures, the last to a “wait” even if it?
Former president Bush in the first session. 9 – 11- memorial ceremony said today, the whole country to the victims of 11′-‘9. We commemorate each name, each life.. The incumbent president Obama at the eighth memorial ceremony said – let us remember the fear of some past life and xing. We read their names out loud, and put them in our hearts. In the days when they were gone, we had to recall their lives, whether they were men or women, or children, and no matter what color or religion they were……
Man’s life is always the most important. Remember the victims name, no matter he is a commoner or dignitaries; whether they are men and women and children, regardless of whether they are what skin color or religion – – – – – -. The list of people with the name of the mayor, the president, the president’s wife, the victims of their loved ones. Who are eligible to commemorate the victims in the world attention Memorial ceremony.
Every life is equal. Who is equally good at education, who can have a good character.