Raise awareness: respect for life

Raise awareness: respect for life
A lot of people must have heard the story of the Queen’s knocking at the door.
British Queen Alberto’s husband,, because at the dinner party and angrily left alone back to the bedroom, the door locked, Queen Victoria, respectively, with the queen and the Vitoria two kinds claiming to knock two times, are not able to let her husband opened the door, until third times, the queen gently claiming to be your wife, her husband Alberto to open the door.
The queen had cold-shoulder treatment because she was in front of her husband, with noble’s posture. By the weight of equality and respect, she finally found the key to her husband’s heart. Can see that people are not in harmony with the people, but the equality of personality.
Now, our country to the rights and dignity of the people as the fundamental, enjoy a series of reform of migrant workers children and native children in the same by education rights ragged beggars who can legally get government assistance even crime suspect’s head and hand cuffs have a layer of cover cloth – – – – -, the practice of the respect for life, promotion is “born equal” concept, it will affect the every child, internalized in their hearts.
Care for life
An American teacher tells a story in my country:
A man went to the beach for a walk in the morning after a storm. Heart found on the beach by the sea of Asami Kubori, there are many of the storm last night to come ashore to the small fish. Small fish trapped in Asami Kubori, can not return to the sea, although the sea is close at hand. With long, shallow water would be the middle of dry sand, the fish would be shaisi. Suddenly in front of him he saw a small boy, kept beside a puddle stooped to — he was picking up the fish in a puddle, and forced to them back into the sea.
The man could not help but to persuade the road. Children, there are hundreds of thousands of fish in the pool, but come to save you. ‘I know. The little boy answered the head. Oh? Then why do you do that? Who cares?. This fish cares!. The little boy answered, and picked up a small fish in the sea. This is a caring, and this one, this article, this one -.
A Japanese educator said that we should train students. In the face of a bunch of wild chrysanthemum also feelings palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. This feeling is the little boy who cares about the life of every little fish on the beach. Respect for people, the fear of the universe, the most basic is to respect the existence of life. When a person on the grass, the little fish’s life is full of care, for people’s life, he can not respect it?

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