I want to tell a friend: what is a “respected”

I want to tell a friend: what is a “respected”
“Respect” interpretation for the term: worthy attention. Language was founded out of the Han Shu Xiao Wangzhi Biography: “look, the master to see respect, respect the ascended on, dinner, order and disorder, Chen Wang. “; Ouyang Xiu Song dynasty of the King’s nephew boping Hou epitaph:” respect for the teachers, they asked no slight middle-aged paunch. “For now, the” respect “for the two words are very simple, are commonly used, just a primary school can understand its meaning.
A friends (is said its for a friends, reasons has II: a, didn’t want to revealed the friends of identity, probably this friends and many years Qian fled to Taiwan of a big namesake; II is, once road out the friends of name, may will compromised its has lives of runs) is a shape is strong, temper slightly hot, several cup wine Xia belly also will without rhyme or reason beat you several fist of people.
Such people, on the face of it appears to be “fearless”, and get along well with his usual, practically speaking, Wen’s character. Rugged, bold and has become his label. However, such a “fearless” has been steadfast in men is a Henpecked coward, which was regrettable, are perfect human beings cannot do occasionally runs a!
A friend’s wife, ugly, with her wife and mother is irrelevant. In short, if revolved 360 degrees, you don’t want to find a little bit of advantage on her body. Not only that, but she still has violent tendencies, how I can’t say to other people, but a friend is always kicking, implacable.
And a friend to confront her forces attack is always lost to resist, weekday mighty image disappeared, and “fearless” high momentum yet disappeared. Often heckled by afterwards, the answer was: “I’m not afraid of her, but respect for her. “This is its engaging, ridiculous. May be a friend of the dictionary, which is what he called “respect”. But it seems to us, is saying how the hype is also difficult to win.
The so-called “respect” should be mutual effects from both sides, rather than a unilateral act, we hear a “mutual respect” is the concept. Therefore I respect is that both sides must abide by the “agreement”, cool immediately collapsed, fallen Earth, reduced to a pile of loess, worthless talk respect is nothing more than empty ears.
To put it bluntly, you don’t respect me, I have no obligation to respect your need “respect” are tightly connected to the parties is, if a party collapsed and the other also landslides, after all, reduced to a heap of loose sand.
Road to marital relationships, is none other than the most critical mains, it is respected. Couples living under the scorn eyes, without respect for each other’s wishes, is useless. Not only that, if respect for one-sided maintenance on one side, then easily derived hierarchy disparity, and domestic violence has been produced, tragedies will continue to show in front of people, but by that time already regret.
I want to tell a friend, his patented “respect” not only undesirable, but digging fool cited, if unchecked, a tragedy last exemption, keen to rein in.

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