Every life is equal

Every life is equal
The word “man”, a flick, a structure near the most simple words, but also one of the most sacred yu. Man, supreme. In the order of nature, all men are equal, regardless of wealth, race, sex, or physical, intellectual, and talent.
“9 – 11” incident has been in the past for many years, the memorial ceremony was held every year. Each year, there is a fixed program – the name of the victims.
Different is that reading has changed, in 2002 a anniversary ceremony is read out by the former mayor of New York and former U. S. president Mrs. Clinton, 2003 are victims of children recite the ditch, 2004 is the victims parents and grandparents reading, 2005 are victims of hand, foot and reading, 2006 flat is reading the relatives of the victims, 2007 is by reading the rescuers. In 2008 and 2009 is by the relatives of the victims of the victims of relatives and friends of the name one by one slowly read.
In these lists, not only include. 11 – 9. The victims of the death of the same day, but also the “9 – 11” after the death of the victims of the incident and the dead.
In every memorial ceremony, read all the victims list is a commemoration ceremony takes the longest time. What is the meaning of it? Why can not choose a few representative figures, the last to a “wait” even if it?
Former president Bush in the first session. 9 – 11- memorial ceremony said today, the whole country to the victims of 11′-‘9. We commemorate each name, each life.. The incumbent president Obama at the eighth memorial ceremony said – let us remember the fear of some past life and xing. We read their names out loud, and put them in our hearts. In the days when they were gone, we had to recall their lives, whether they were men or women, or children, and no matter what color or religion they were……
Man’s life is always the most important. Remember the victims name, no matter he is a commoner or dignitaries; whether they are men and women and children, regardless of whether they are what skin color or religion – – – – – -. The list of people with the name of the mayor, the president, the president’s wife, the victims of their loved ones. Who are eligible to commemorate the victims in the world attention Memorial ceremony.
Every life is equal. Who is equally good at education, who can have a good character.

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