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Parents know that children need to use a good education method. What is a good way? In my opinion, the best and most effective way to educate children is to develop good habits.
A mother told me. My children really Xianxin, too many bad habits, do not like to write operations, greedy snack, spending money, all day glued to the television, you say how to do it? I said he hundred times, is not.
Because of the more familiar, I joked with her,. If you say that the child is eight thousand times, he can not change the. A signed pediatrician told me, a Hungarian word is repeated three times on the suffering of others. You have to repeat the eight hundred time for your child, how can he be?. Parents if you don’t believe me, I suggest that you put the words to the children every day to record, recorded a week later, to listen to yourself, you will be bored to keep your own.
The children complained to me. My mother is really annoying, and I can’t talk about it every day. She just keeps her lips moving. I know what she wants to say, because she speaks the same day.
I was also surprised to find that many parents are on the right of the child to talk about the same, “do not look at the TV, as soon as possible to write homework! If you do not go to high school, how to get a good university, how to find good jobs, not good work, you drink west wind?. Wait Such words again and again two times, said more than a pile of noise, can only let the child’s emotional confusion confidence collapse. Is this the result you want?
In fact, not a child does not want to become a good child, nor a child does not want to learn. He is not good at learning difficulties, children need to be your specific effective help, rather than nagging or scolding. So I gave the world a piece of advice to the parents – training a thousand times as well as a good habit to cultivate children.
In fact, today’s parents have begun to pay attention to the child’s habits, but why the effect is not obvious, I found that the problem is that many parents or to cultivate the habit of training as a lecture, and neglect the basic ways of the habit of training, the behavior of the perseverance. In other words, it is a set of scientific method of education, need to be in accordance with the law will bear fruit.
In order to give the parents and teachers and friends specific effective help, we in the scientific research on the basis of the preparation of the “5 habits of life” series. Which five habits is to have love, serious and responsible, respect for others, self learning and self management. These five habits are the key to develop healthy personality, if you develop a lifelong benefit, it is a guarantee of success in life. In these five books, we provide a detailed advice on how to cultivate these five habits can be specific operation. There are not many books that can provide such a specific education program in children’s habits, so it’s a very rare set of books. The books had to (habit training method “series in Lijiang Publishing House published now after the revision of the author, the series changed its name to” 5 a habit of a lifetime achievement “, published by the press in the new century
A deep, deep base. The reason that we can write this set of the five habits, the achievements of the students “series, is because the author Sun Yunxiao researcher, sun Hongyan, deputy researcher, liuxiuying deputy editor, Levin Road, Dr. Zhao Xia, Ph.D., Yan Yushuang associate professor, the are of the China Youth and Children Research Center researchers or members of the project group. Since 2001, we have made the Education Department of the national education science. Fifteen. The research on the relationship between the behavior habits and personality of children. Since 2007, and began to do the national education science. Five eleven. Research on the planning of children s self management and the relationship between self management and social adaptation. Has ten years of grinding sword.
Here, I would like to try to share with you the five major steps of the habit, may give you some help.

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