I want to tell a friend: what is a “respected”

I want to tell a friend: what is a “respected”
“Respect” interpretation for the term: worthy attention. Language was founded out of the Han Shu Xiao Wangzhi Biography: “look, the master to see respect, respect the ascended on, dinner, order and disorder, Chen Wang. “; Ouyang Xiu Song dynasty of the King’s nephew boping Hou epitaph:” respect for the teachers, they asked no slight middle-aged paunch. “For now, the” respect “for the two words are very simple, are commonly used, just a primary school can understand its meaning.
A friends (is said its for a friends, reasons has II: a, didn’t want to revealed the friends of identity, probably this friends and many years Qian fled to Taiwan of a big namesake; II is, once road out the friends of name, may will compromised its has lives of runs) is a shape is strong, temper slightly hot, several cup wine Xia belly also will without rhyme or reason beat you several fist of people.
Such people, on the face of it appears to be “fearless”, and get along well with his usual, practically speaking, Wen’s character. Rugged, bold and has become his label. However, such a “fearless” has been steadfast in men is a Henpecked coward, which was regrettable, are perfect human beings cannot do occasionally runs a!
A friend’s wife, ugly, with her wife and mother is irrelevant. In short, if revolved 360 degrees, you don’t want to find a little bit of advantage on her body. Not only that, but she still has violent tendencies, how I can’t say to other people, but a friend is always kicking, implacable.
And a friend to confront her forces attack is always lost to resist, weekday mighty image disappeared, and “fearless” high momentum yet disappeared. Often heckled by afterwards, the answer was: “I’m not afraid of her, but respect for her. “This is its engaging, ridiculous. May be a friend of the dictionary, which is what he called “respect”. But it seems to us, is saying how the hype is also difficult to win.
The so-called “respect” should be mutual effects from both sides, rather than a unilateral act, we hear a “mutual respect” is the concept. Therefore I respect is that both sides must abide by the “agreement”, cool immediately collapsed, fallen Earth, reduced to a pile of loess, worthless talk respect is nothing more than empty ears.
To put it bluntly, you don’t respect me, I have no obligation to respect your need “respect” are tightly connected to the parties is, if a party collapsed and the other also landslides, after all, reduced to a heap of loose sand.
Road to marital relationships, is none other than the most critical mains, it is respected. Couples living under the scorn eyes, without respect for each other’s wishes, is useless. Not only that, if respect for one-sided maintenance on one side, then easily derived hierarchy disparity, and domestic violence has been produced, tragedies will continue to show in front of people, but by that time already regret.
I want to tell a friend, his patented “respect” not only undesirable, but digging fool cited, if unchecked, a tragedy last exemption, keen to rein in.

Don’t be a child mentally abandoned

As children grow up every year, talking to parents and children are gradually reduced, opposite attitudes about many things, to the difficulties of communication. Some parents do not understand why the day before his children, home stay in his room right now? asked him what, using only body language. Why so quiet? parents don’t understand.
In fact, don’t talk, because most of the time have nothing to say. If parents wants to understand himself of children, will active into children of inside world, and on children for watched he now of character, and interest, and hobby and ideal is what? why recently he of mood and behavior changes is big? he recently of learning situation how? have difficult? himself can in which aspects on he for help? he has which friends? master has these basic dialogue information Hou, again communication up on has has topic.
As children grow, children’s character, hobbies and view of the world has changed a lot, and some of the children from their parents ‘ understanding and knowledge are still at the stage of young children, which greatly limited and hindered the normal development of parent-child relationships, has been unable to meet the psychological needs of children.
So it is said that parents and kids were growing up, will not be abandoned children from the spiritual. Specific practices is, parents need to learn and understand the psychological development of young people’s common sense and psychological characteristics of children of different ages, master the skills of communicating with children regularly communicate with their children, maintain close emotional contact.

Learn to listen to others speak

Learn to listen to others speak

It’s all very simple:
Today for an interview, is tragic, but can not find the interview to interview, recorded an empty Office, which finally led to his wind fluttering their interview on the street myself, sadly. Why, the reason is simple, people calling to interview yesterday when details of the interview addresses, without serious note the address of told, even to the last charge on their own opinion has made a private address, the result is obvious. This is equivalent to telling a person deep in the desert water location, and you did not listen carefully to others, then he made the address to look for water, die yourself in the end.

“I was very angry, very serious consequences” were now looking for a job is difficult, really is not easy to get an interview, once again by their own waste. This keeps making excuses every day talking about what college students, what the financial crisis so hard to find, again and wasting a valuable opportunity over there, really very sad, very sad … …

If today you not to a job who of identity to interview, but to a manager of identity to family on a pen important of big business, you such find not to address, how can success work, then you lost of just once opportunities, you may lost of is a copies millions of even tens of millions of of orders, even last even you of Manager location also have stepped down, this not said impossible. All you will pay because you are not serious. …

Afraid of doing thing in life is to make yourself regret things because sorry feeling really very very uncomfortable … There is no regret medicine to buy, I do thing you have to bear the bitter, cannot be represented, cannot complain to anyone, that everything you own, you have to accept unconditionally, you have to swallow it unconditionally to the deep inside until you digest it so far. …

Tips learn to communicate with people

Tips learn to communicate with people

Just received my colleagues send SMS: frustrated, understanding of life; errors, add first wake up to life, unfortunately, on the maturity level of awareness in the world; tribulation, connotation of success through it again. So be sure to learn skills to interact with people, not hurt people, not to get hurt.
And correct understanding of people and human nature.
Understanding and humanity can be simply summarized as-“by the very nature of people to share their”, “people put identity” rather than use their vision to see others, not to impose their will on others. People first is interested in her, not interested in you! In other words-one attention is better than focusing on your 10,000 times. Recognizing that “the first thing people care about is their own, not you” this, is the key to life.

Second, how to talk with others
When you talk to people, please select the topic they are most interested in. The topic they are most interested in is what? Are their own! From your words out of the dictionary–“me, myself and I”. In other words, one of the most powerful words in the human language to replace “you”. If you are interested in talk is not important, important is whether your audience is interested in talking. When you talk with people, talking about each other, and guide each other to talk about themselves. So you can become one of the most popular conversation partner.

Three, how to subtly make the other person feel important
Humanity is one of the most common characteristics–to be recognized, and need to be understood. Would you like to do like a duck in a relationship? So, please try to make others aware of their importance. Remember, you make people feel important, and how you will be rewarded more.
1. listen to them
2. commend and compliment them
3. as often as possible to use their names and pictures
4. before answering them, please pause
5. the use of these words-“you” and “your”
6. affirm those people waiting to see you
7. Expresses concern that everyone in the Group

Four, how to subtly align themselves with other people
Never forget that any fool can object to being, but only wise men and great men will agree-especially when they make a mistake! “Endorses the art” can be summarized into the following 6 points:
1. learn to approval and recognition
2. When you agree with someone else, please speak up
3. When you don’t agree, don’t tell them, unless
4. When you make a mistake, to have the courage to admit that
5. avoid arguing with others
6. dealing with conflicts

Endorses the roots of art –
1. people like people who agree with them.
2. people don’t like those who oppose them.
3. people do not like to be against it.

Five, how to listen to others
Listen to more, you will become more intelligent, would be more popular, you will become a better conversation partners. Of course, being a good listener, is not an easy task, I have 5 suggestions here for reference:
1. watch the speaker
2. close to the speaker and sense of hearing
3. ask questions
4. do not interrupt the speaker topics
5. using the speaker said-“you” and “your”

VI how to subtly influence others
People as you wish to do the first step is to find out the reason why they did (that is what they want). And people say what they want to hear, they will be moved. You simply explain to them, just do what you ask them to do things, they can get what they want. “To know what people think,” is to ask, observe, listen more, together with their tireless efforts.

Seven, how to subtly persuade others
When you say you serve our own things, people usually suspicious of you and what you have said, this is an expression of the instinct of a man. A better way is: do not directly, but refer to another person, to let others speak for you, even those who are not there. Therefore, in order to speak through the mouth of a third party.

Eight, how to make other people make decisions
1. Why do people agree with you. Tell people that you say they would benefit from, rather than your own benefit.
2. can only be used “to” to answer the question. However, you should note that to properly ask “Yes” questions. In other words, when you ask such questions, nod, and “you” to begin your question.
3. the people in the two “good” one. The trick is to let the two of them in your “to” select a.
4. looks forward to people to say “good”, and let them know that you expect them to make sure the answer

Nine, how skillfully the mobilization of other people’s feelings
1. remember that any initial moment often dictates the tone of the entire communication process.
2. then, using the second fundamental laws of human behavior–people were fascinated by other people’s reactions with a strong sense of group
Therefore, in the beginning, your moment of eye contact, before you speak, before you break the ice and show your warm smile. People don’t realize, how much to pay, how many returns. Don’t forget, from now on, so put on a smile, just like professional models, and said to myself–“smile! ”

Ten, how to give a compliment
Generous, to praise others! To find some commendable things and persons, and commended them.
1. be sincere
2. Commends the Act itself, rather than commended
Praise must be specific-targeted. Happiness formula – tribute to three different people everyday habits. You will feel, after so doing, how you are happy! When you do bring happiness, joy, and gratitude to others, you will be happy.

XI how to subtly criticize others
1. criticism must be made at alone
2. criticism must be slightly before giving praise or compliment
3. when the criticism, not for people, criticizing a particular behavior, but don’t criticize someone
4. provide answers
5. Requests for cooperation, instead of the command
6. a mistake, a criticism
7. in a friendly manner over criticism

12, how to thank others
Only in your gratitude and appreciation for others is not enough, this you should be grateful, and the feelings of appreciation expressed to the people you are grateful for.
1. be sincere
2. clear, natural expression
3. watching you appreciate each other
4. thank each other’s names
5. try thanks

13, how to make a good impression
If you want beautiful, make them beautiful. If you want people to appreciate you, admire you, respect you, you have to let people feel that you are worthy to receive this honor. For you and proud of it (but not conceited! ) As your own, your career, and to your work environment and proud not to that situation and inadequate and inferior. You are–to respect themselves, to be proud of yourself.
1. express our sincere
2. be enthusiastic
3. do not have too much impatience
4. not by demeaning others to elevate oneself
5. do not hit anyone or anything

14. how to speak
1. understand what you are saying
2. say say, stop
3. talking, watching the audience
4. talk about audience interest topic
5. do not attempt to lecture

Learn how human

Learn how human

The sixth “Taiwan” teacher qualities and skills training was over, I hear teachers private discussion, said island of Taiwan and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of teachers in Hong Kong report, there is no ordinary teachers, please do report fun on the Mainland. Because the island of Taiwan and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of teachers in Hong Kong have introduced their school, or nurture each student. Schools, teachers, who will, as far as nurture each student, once you have the new curriculum, is a piece of cake stickers. City has a teacher’s lecture and a wonderful story and unique ways and means to solve the problem. Hearing such talk, and I want to tell the teachers, which is the Mainland and the island of Taiwan, as well as the Oriental Pearl culture in Hong Kong.
Island of Taiwan and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of teachers in Hong Kong report about seems to be unusual, as Manager Mr Zhang ruimin, Haier Group, said it can make ordinary things well is unusual. Taiwan and Hong Kong teachers are not instant success, presented to us is a simple approach, this simple approach contains education, because of its respect for human growth, allow students to freely grow. For example, they introduced the school, about the construction of campus environment of diversity, but not to talk about this problem between, I don’t say, you should be aware of. If nothing else, said diversity of cultural construction of campus environment, not cultural diversity, diversity of campus culture? Teachers were mainland teachers right, because we are in a hole under the benefits of cultural survival, naturally derived the winner King losers as always, to find Regal, speech experts such as Sun Wukong and Yang Jian hardened look who’s ability is high. We hear reports of teachers is a seer, see who’s high, to see who is better than who, cheers for the winner.
When it comes to cultural diversity, I should not stop “winners losers as always for the King” culture, people who just want to remind us that when the teacher can cold a cold, calm down and think, our education is to educate adults and become a student? Otherwise we will run education.
Training will is “class quality and skills training”, from mainland please to of experts scholars natural is class has, from they planning of “success of secret” theme class view, are encourages students success, on life success of understanding is ahead, first to became learn in the Johnson child, again became “people master”, do has people master, on will has others admired, obviously is eager for quick success and of culture. Our continent reported a teacher to elderly and experienced identity to inculcate in the students said: to achieve the goal of make, must be taught to work hard, a very classic words “eat bitter, leading to human”, specific to schools, and that is to study hard, get good grades. As said, achieved good results doing? Hero is no way out, the teacher told the students, as long as you have good grades was successful, success could set the envy and admiration of others, is advocating that people actually do jianghu boss.
Students under the influence of this culture for a long time, admire successful people, the heart is eager for success, winning the admiration of others. Led by teachers is in this culture, the pursuit of its own success. While some successful people, profit-driven, always establish a benchmark for ordinary teachers, for example, teachers, teacher, teachers, talents etc, seemed to set a benchmark for the teacher, and pull a few people to serve as role models, he (she) radiant, the teacher also had a goal of.
Objectively speaking, our current teachers in the city is the cultural guidance, constantly to find an example, crave for their approval. That the education of restless, impetuous and a false air of society as a whole.
Island of Taiwan and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of teachers in Hong Kong reporting is simple and unadorned. I would like to report teachers can calm down and think about this simple language is really educational. Don’t look at what they say is not their time within one hour of the speech, but they are truly learned men. A friend of mine once told me, the Taiwan President, for a period of eight years, this eight-year period to accept the social organisations. Each consultation conducted by others, no rich cultural heritage is not the principal. The principal of our city needs to have the quality, such as training at this time, talks proudly of the teachers for a few hours, there are many elements that did not finish. Too much losing, obviously we see fake educational component. For example, a high school teacher, comes to class through activities to stimulate students ‘ enthusiasm for learning. This is good, I will carefully listen to him the statement. I thought, what activities he was doing in class? Especially under the pressure of competition in the college entrance examination, how he managed to breakthrough the bottleneck of College? Results of PPT to his show, although the pictures show no wear a red scarf, standing there student activities, not much higher than the table, apparently was a pupil, this is not fake what is education?
Students in such a false education, society is articulate, living on to deceive. Why can we not let the teacher alone, which rely on false education, once appeared on the teacher, society will bring what? I want to tell the teachers, a teachers depending on the make of the success criteria, the heart is impossible to have a sense of pride in their work and life.
Thus was the education of teachers, that teachers ‘ salaries are low, many of the teachers complain about the sound, only to muddle along. Because they stand up and agree that leadership is divided into different levels of teachers. No grades are good enough, although his good, but not good enough, so work with emotions, how to communicate with students in mind?
Teacher, cold cold, stop in hengshui, Hebei and Anhui Mao Tan secondary schools educating, advocating life master, without learning to be, man.

Only the division is different, there is no distinction

Only the division is different, there is no distinction
Equality is the foundation of social harmony, harmony is the condition of psychological balance, and psychological balance is one of the three major bases of physical health.
The other two major cornerstone of sports and eating, the initiative to grasp the basic in their own hands. As long as the scientific movement, a reasonable diet will promote physical health. A balanced, mental health and social division of labor, economic income, interpersonal relationship, each person alone is difficult. In the absence of real equality before all the people, only through self mediation. To achieve relative psychological balance.
In a long historical period, the social division of labor will determine the level of social status, and the number of wealth will determine the value of human society. So, set up only the division is different, there is no distinction or distinction of the concept, it has important significance for promoting the psychological balance.
However, any kind of social division of labor, cannot make the best use. More can not make the vast majority of people realize the value of life. Each person’s living space and the objective conditions determine the direction of the road of life.
For example, a growth in the poor mountainous areas, may be also difficult to have the opportunity to get to play, and has a genius for acting people innumerable, but only a few overnight. Baoqiang Wang phenomenon is thousands of years to sth. seldom seen or hardly possible.
The objective existence is not to be transferred by human’s will. Opportunity decides destiny, can decide the success or failure. Not only the opportunity, can only be a disappointment. Which most people feel powerless”. Produce psychological imbalance..
For the problem of equality, social division of labor, comrade Mao Zedong said, “the only revolutionary work division is different, there is no distinction or distinction, our comrades regardless of position, are servants of the people”. In theory, the idea is correct, and should be one of the goals of human beings. Is also the foundation for the world to love.
However, the ideal is not a substitute for reality, mouth shouting is the servant of the people, the bones and the actions of people who There are plenty of people who master.
Comrade Mao Zedong said that, in the war, but also to do so. China revolution success of many factors, but the military uniform, at the time of the implementation of officers and men, between the army and the people, equality initiatives, is one of the important factors of the revolution to victory.
In the era of the planned economy, increase the equalitarianism pot rice, common in poor circumstances, most diseases from malnutrition, and psychological imbalance induced diseases rarely. This is mainly the different social division of labor, labor income is basically the same, all are respected, there is no distinction or distinction. Of course, productivity is backward, life is also apparent.
To enter the market economy era, people in industry, the various grades and ranks, white collar, blue collar, cuckold. The boss, work, beg. The owner, driver, servant. The division of social division into a hierarchy of scale. America its name day and international standards. Twenty years ago, China was the world’s most average income. Twenty years later, China has become the largest income gap. Ten thousand to sixty million, where is justice?
Economy decides politics, income decides status (social status and family status) fighting hero Xu Lianghan, “when what also don’t be a hero” the exclamation. Of course, this is a defect, but all labor should be respected. To really achieve this, there is still a long way to go.
For social division of labor, there is a great man said, not my most capable, is the history of the tide pushed me to this position. This will reflect only the different social division of labor, there is no distinction or distinction. But the man who knows the problem will be a few.
So, the whole society to advocate and set, only the division of different ideas no distinction or distinction. Is conducive to social harmony, the heart balance. Also for the sky, life than thin paper, a good man caught in difficult circumstances. That God is unfair, Born Under A Bad Sign people, be in a calm mood, health oriented.
We should realize that the celebrity rich is not equal to the noble character, wealth is not equal to health. Money does not mean life. Regardless of celebrities or people, life is more than 20000 days. Only health is the first. Health is wealth. Is a kind of capital.
In addition, I firmly believe that communism will be realized, this is not a high-profile, with the scientific development and social progress, the material wealth will become a burden to the human being, to the extent that you are not. Of course, ten thousand years too long, seize the day.
The above said a lot of words, is to identify the reasons of psychological imbalance and ways to overcome. So as to achieve the true relative psychological balance, as long as the psychological balance, can diwai loss Tsutsumiuchi up, as long as the health and longevity, there will be bread, everything will be there.

Raise awareness: respect for life

Raise awareness: respect for life
A lot of people must have heard the story of the Queen’s knocking at the door.
British Queen Alberto’s husband,, because at the dinner party and angrily left alone back to the bedroom, the door locked, Queen Victoria, respectively, with the queen and the Vitoria two kinds claiming to knock two times, are not able to let her husband opened the door, until third times, the queen gently claiming to be your wife, her husband Alberto to open the door.
The queen had cold-shoulder treatment because she was in front of her husband, with noble’s posture. By the weight of equality and respect, she finally found the key to her husband’s heart. Can see that people are not in harmony with the people, but the equality of personality.
Now, our country to the rights and dignity of the people as the fundamental, enjoy a series of reform of migrant workers children and native children in the same by education rights ragged beggars who can legally get government assistance even crime suspect’s head and hand cuffs have a layer of cover cloth – – – – -, the practice of the respect for life, promotion is “born equal” concept, it will affect the every child, internalized in their hearts.
Care for life
An American teacher tells a story in my country:
A man went to the beach for a walk in the morning after a storm. Heart found on the beach by the sea of Asami Kubori, there are many of the storm last night to come ashore to the small fish. Small fish trapped in Asami Kubori, can not return to the sea, although the sea is close at hand. With long, shallow water would be the middle of dry sand, the fish would be shaisi. Suddenly in front of him he saw a small boy, kept beside a puddle stooped to — he was picking up the fish in a puddle, and forced to them back into the sea.
The man could not help but to persuade the road. Children, there are hundreds of thousands of fish in the pool, but come to save you. ‘I know. The little boy answered the head. Oh? Then why do you do that? Who cares?. This fish cares!. The little boy answered, and picked up a small fish in the sea. This is a caring, and this one, this article, this one -.
A Japanese educator said that we should train students. In the face of a bunch of wild chrysanthemum also feelings palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. This feeling is the little boy who cares about the life of every little fish on the beach. Respect for people, the fear of the universe, the most basic is to respect the existence of life. When a person on the grass, the little fish’s life is full of care, for people’s life, he can not respect it?

Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship

Equality to treat people to form a harmonious interpersonal relationship
This is something that happens at a school:
Dongmou home is very rich, always get some fresh stuff off in the class, but only to see not moving.
One day, usually like to play a few students to discuss a new ball, but at a time and get enough money. Dong said. Not just buy a new ball? I got it, but it is a condition that you have to play with me. Several students agreed, but every time he finished the ball, he took the ball back to his home or placed under his own seat. What about going out for a while?. Some students suggested, and he still lying on the table to write a job, even the head is not carried. No, I haven’t finished my homework yet. Some people say. Then give us a play. No, it’s the ball that I bought, and when I want to kick it. When I don’t play, you don’t want to play.
A few days later, the students also bought a ball pool. One day after class, the students went to the playground surrounded by a ball. The Dongmou holding his ball, alone in the classroom, watching the other students in the playground fierce scraping through the window. On the second day, he held the ball to the playground, wanted to play with the students, but the students did not see him, he can only one person holding the ball sitting on the playground.
Dongmou think their own money to buy the ball, can the lost friends regard oneself head and shoulders above others, money is lonely. Through this matter, we should know whether you money or no money, no matter you help others is to help people, personality is equal, who also have no authority superior. Equality to others to help build a harmonious interpersonal relationship.
Equality to treat people to gain respect
A child went to the mountains and shouted at the valley. Hey, hey. The sound just fell, from all directions. Hey, hey. Echo. The mountain agreed, the child is very surprised, and shouted. Who are you?. The mountains also answer. Who are you?. Children shout. Why don’t you tell me. Mountains also said. Why don’t you tell me.
The child became angry and shouted: “I hate you. He knows that the whole world is coming. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
The child was very unhappy, ran home to tell her mother. Mama said. Boy, you go back to the mountains and shout ‘I love you’. The child went to the mountains, according to his mother’s words to do, the results, he was surrounded in. I love thee, I love thee, I love thee. Echo in.
The child smiled.
The truth of this story is also reflected in our human relations in every life is equal, everyone is a dignified. Respect people, treat everyone equally, and you can get respect from others!

Equality is the cornerstone of civilization

Equality is the cornerstone of civilization
Former British Prime Minister Blair and his wife went to a small town on vacation. Was although it is the prime minister and his wife the Dajia, but the town still persist one’s old ways, the sun of the sun, the chat chat, each people all live comfortablely and orderly.
Blair likes clubbing, town is only a bar, but the boss is scheduled to close on vacation. However, the boss is still very polite to leave a note in the bar. Welcome to Mr. Blair and his wife, and we are now in the holiday, we will be back after the holidays. I’m sorry!.
Blair is a “big man”, the small town of people can be equal to the big man, this is a civilization.
Equality is the cornerstone of civilization. The slave society is the person to person’s slavery, the feudal society is the person to person’s dependence, the modern society calls for the human and the human equality, this is a civilized process, reflects the social progress. So, if someone is in order to rank and rank, “. Is his nobility, put on the shelf “regard oneself head and shoulders above others. Is curry favour with this idea, reverent and respectful, and practice is actually a retrogression of social civilization.
Equality is a breeding behavior
In 1943, President Roosevelt secretly flew to Casablanca and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met, formulation of the Allied invasion of Germany’s plan. The 42 – hour flight is a serious challenge for Roosevelt, which is both his legs.
The pilot of the time, Otis Bull, said: he did not mention any special requirements. In fact, we had to move a few seats, to give him a bed, but he prefers to sit up and wake up all the way, because there are no other people on the plane can lie, he does not want to enjoy special treatment.
This little thing is very moving. In our opinion, say he is bear such a major responsibility for the president, alone he is a disability or age great people, you can feel at ease and enjoy lie down and rest of the special treatment. Such behavior on the part of the Roosevelt and his personal moral accomplishment, he felt and sharing is worthy of respect of the behavior, the psychological basis is deeply rooted among the people should be the consciousness of equality.

Every life is equal

Every life is equal
The word “man”, a flick, a structure near the most simple words, but also one of the most sacred yu. Man, supreme. In the order of nature, all men are equal, regardless of wealth, race, sex, or physical, intellectual, and talent.
“9 – 11” incident has been in the past for many years, the memorial ceremony was held every year. Each year, there is a fixed program – the name of the victims.
Different is that reading has changed, in 2002 a anniversary ceremony is read out by the former mayor of New York and former U. S. president Mrs. Clinton, 2003 are victims of children recite the ditch, 2004 is the victims parents and grandparents reading, 2005 are victims of hand, foot and reading, 2006 flat is reading the relatives of the victims, 2007 is by reading the rescuers. In 2008 and 2009 is by the relatives of the victims of the victims of relatives and friends of the name one by one slowly read.
In these lists, not only include. 11 – 9. The victims of the death of the same day, but also the “9 – 11” after the death of the victims of the incident and the dead.
In every memorial ceremony, read all the victims list is a commemoration ceremony takes the longest time. What is the meaning of it? Why can not choose a few representative figures, the last to a “wait” even if it?
Former president Bush in the first session. 9 – 11- memorial ceremony said today, the whole country to the victims of 11′-‘9. We commemorate each name, each life.. The incumbent president Obama at the eighth memorial ceremony said – let us remember the fear of some past life and xing. We read their names out loud, and put them in our hearts. In the days when they were gone, we had to recall their lives, whether they were men or women, or children, and no matter what color or religion they were……
Man’s life is always the most important. Remember the victims name, no matter he is a commoner or dignitaries; whether they are men and women and children, regardless of whether they are what skin color or religion – – – – – -. The list of people with the name of the mayor, the president, the president’s wife, the victims of their loved ones. Who are eligible to commemorate the victims in the world attention Memorial ceremony.
Every life is equal. Who is equally good at education, who can have a good character.